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How To Do The Washing Up

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One of the most important things you can do to keep your wife happy is to make sure you do the dishes after meals. This will ensure that your plates, silverware, and glasses are clean and ready for use. If you don’t do this, you’re liable to have a few very unpleasant days ahead of you!

But even if you follow that rule, there’s still more to it than simply putting everything in the sink and turning on the water. Here are some tips for doing the washing up as efficiently as possible:

Make sure to wash everything thoroughly and remove excess food from dishes before putting them in the sink. This will help prevent stains from forming on your plates and cups. It will also help prevent food from drying onto your utensils and pots/pans later on when they’re put away for storage.

Make sure to rinse detergents fully before adding water or soap so that they can clean effectively without leaving behind any residue behind (which would cause scratching). You can also polish your plates when dry before storing if they’re particularly delicate or prone to scratches (such as those made out of china).

Try Using Eco-Friendly Detergents, do what you can, where you can.

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