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Magic Enabled
SpecialistsIn EventWaste Management.
A Family-RunCompany.
Our Pixies are sweeping the nation, quite literally! We pride ourselves on our impeccable cleaning services spanning the UK!

We currently maintain several bars, restaurants, hotels, holiday lets, offices and private homes and everyday we take on new bookings through positive word of mouth. You only have to google us to see how good our reviews are.

Our Promise


Pixie Dust is committed to taking steps to protect our environment. So far, we have chosen to only use eco-friendly cleaning products which are non-toxic to the environment and minimise our plastic waste by buying in bulk and refilling our containers. After festival cleans, we resow grass seed to aid in natures recovery and we plan to host voluntary beach and wildlife cleans to keep our planet sparkling!

Our Pixies


Inclusivity is at the heart of our company, as we continue to grow so does our commitment to providing opportunities for all. With help from agencies such as Read in Partnership we support adults with disabilities and others who are struggling in the workplace to fulfil their goals and transform communities for the better.

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Our Clients

A Little thank you!

We are proud to say we work with so many local businesses and thank them all and every single one of our happy customers for helping the Pixies grow.

Commercial Appointments

Need staff? reoccurring attendance? or need to partner?

Industrial and Event waste management

We have Pixies for all events! no matter what the size, we always bring the magic.

No Job is Too Big or Small

Bespoke Services

Need a bespoke service? We have you covered! Our Pixie don't make shoe though, sorry...

Domestic Appointments

We treat your home better than our own! give us a call to arrange appointments are your convenience.